The West End - A Vibrant Community

Residing in the heart of the West End, 1245 Harwood is situated in one of downtown Vancouver’s longest established and most eclectic neighbourhoods. The tower resides on a quiet, pedestrian-friendly street, characterized by a row of mature trees on either side. Beyond the peaceful tranquility, 1245 Harwood offers its residents with beautifully landscaped grounds and the grand 110-year-old Tulip tree. Much of the West End’s desirability is on account of its positioning: where nature meets downtown Vancouver.

Community centres, farmers’ markets, local festivals including The Celebration of Light, and numerous parks and beaches, such as Stanley Park, contribute to the long list of activities classic to Vancouver that are well within walking distance. From upscale dining to grabbing coffee at a neighbourhood café, biking along the Seawall to high-end shopping on The Golden Mile, the diversity and natural environment that the West End offers, makes it one of Vancouver’s most desirable places to live.